Delicious Christmas Treat: Strawberry Santa Cake


Half the reason why we love the festive season so much is because we get to overindulge when it comes to food, and not really feel guilty about it. Come on, it is Christmas! You’ve been working hard all year, so now it’s time to enjoy some gift-giving (and receiving), family bonding, and food, glorious […]

Fashionable and Delicious High Heel Cupcakes


Why is it that we women love high heels so much? Is it because they make us look tall and slim, give us incredible posture, make us feel confident, or just because they’re just so damn beautiful? Whatever they may be, there are a number of reasons why we’re more than willing to put our […]

20 Genius DIY Recycled and Repurposed Christmas Crafts


Plastic Bottle Penguins Cute little penguins have become a Christmas staple, so here’s an easy way to incorporate them into your festivities using empty plastic 2l bottles. Some glue and a bit of paint is all you need to add. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Viladoartesao Cardboard Owls What’s cuter than a few owls sitting […]

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Recycling at its Finest: How to Build a Magnificent Milk Jug Igloo


As winter descends upon us, we should know by now that resisting the cold weather is futile. Instead of cursing the season, why not embrace it? Christmas and all its associated crafts are, undoubtedly, the best part about winter, but the second coolest Christmas craft I’ve managed to find is this igloo made completely out […]

20 Magical DIY Christmas Home Decorations You’ll Want Right Now


Pinecone Owls Yes, I’m still obsessed with owls, so what a great idea to incorporate them into Christmas using pinecones! My plan is to make a whole bunch and either stack one on each stair leading up to my front door, or hang them outside in a tree. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – LiaGriffith Lit […]

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37 Little-Known Natural Beauty Secrets from Around the World


No matter where you’re from, odds are you occasionally find yourself looking overseas with envy.  How do those women in India get their hair so shiny and silky and tame their flyaways?  How do those Japanese ladies get their skin so clear?  What about those South American women with their luminous complexions?  Genetics obviously plays […]

Adorable DIY Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments


Thanks to Hollywood and director Jonathan Liebesman, our childhood love for the crime-fighting, pizza-loving, sewer-dwelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been revived! And considering that this year is the 30th anniversary of the creation of the comic book characters, why not celebrate and show your appreciation by making these cool little Turtles-inspired Christmas tree decorations? […]

How to Make a Penny Tabletop with 5000 Pennies and Some Spare Time


Are you one of those types of people who store all your unwanted pennies in a big jar at home? I am. I absolutely hate having jingling coins in my bag that only serve the purpose of seriously weighing down my handbag, resulting in sore shoulders – all because I’m carrying around a bunch of […]

Deliciously Healthy Low-Fat Yogurt and Strawberry Dessert Recipe – Perfect for Christmas


Since we all love to use the holidays as an excuse to munch away on all that delicious food (I’ll start working out again in the new year, right?), it may be a good idea to at least try to be just that little bit healthier so that getting motivated next year won’t be as […]

12 Magnificent Mason Jar Christmas Decorations You Can Make Yourself


Mason jars have come a long way from merely storing food or preserves – they’ve become a crafting/decorating staple! Hopefully you’ve been storing your empties to reuse in a crafty way because here’s the perfect opportunity to create something really special for the holiday season. Happy crafting! Painted Jolly Snowmen These are simply adorable and […]