25 Resourceful Ways to Repurpose Frames – Toss the Pictures and Think Outside the Box

Frame projects

Pedestal Table When you consider the fact that a pedestal table consists of just a base (legs) and a flat surface, then substituting those two elements with a lamp base and a picture frame seems to be a truly brilliant innovation. And isn’t it just? DIY Instructions and Project Credit – RichmondThrifter and Pearle’sRosebuds Pincushions A […]

From Tea to Décor: 25 Gorgeous Projects to Upcycle Old Teacups


The earliest record of people drinking tea is dated in the 10th century BC in China, although, since there are so many interesting myths and legends about how this wonderfully aromatic elixir came about, its true origin is tough to pinpoint. To me, tea has always been relaxing in a way that coffee just isn’t – people drink coffee to get that kick start in the mornings so that they can go go go, whereas tea has more of a calming and soothing effect.