FREE Crochet Pattern: Gorgeous Hello Kitty Hat


Make sure you like DIY and Crafts on Facebook. to be updated every time we post an amazing DIY project. Follow us on pinterest here DIYnCrafts Pinterest Profile. The Hello Kitty craze (obsession?) hit us with a bang in the late 1990s, but she was actually created in Japan in 1974 already. Any of us […]

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Creative DIY: Make Your Own Colorful 3D Paper Lanterns


These dainty lanterns can be put outside as welcoming lights, around the table for a special dinner occasion, or as one commentator mentioned, even at your wedding! They look rather finicky and complicated, but once you grasp the project and actually get started, you’ll realize they’re not quite as difficult to make as you had […]

Top 16 Most Creative DIY Halloween Hairstyles


Halloween is one of those awesome holidays where you get to feel like a kid again: you get to dress up in outrageous, terrifying or funny costumes and indulge your sweet tooth (let’s face it, we always buy more candy than we need for the trick-or-treaters just so that we get to gorge ourselves on […]

25 Clever DIY Ways To Organize With Binders


If you hear the word “binders” and automatically think back to your school days and groan, you’re missing out! When you’re a grown-up, binders are still helpful for organizing (actually, they’re more helpful than ever), but they’re a lot more fun! You get to make them colorful and add a splash of your personality to […]

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This DIY Knitting Project is More than Just an Exquisite Shawl – It’s a Map of the Stars in Our Sky!


There are few things in life that are quite as peaceful,  calming and awe-inspiring as taking a moment to gaze at the stars up above on a clear night. One ingenious knitter has managed to capture exactly that in a gorgeous, wearable garment. She’s combined two different patterns to create this impressive celestial shawl – […]

Incredibly Cute Teddy-Bear Cookie Recipe You Won’t be Able to Resist


What do you get when you combine baking and teddy bears? The cutest little hugging teddy bear-cookies, that’s what! We have never seen anything more charming and endearing  than these  golden brown teddies hugging almonds as if they were their own teddies. The recipe in itself if pretty simple to follow, and if you’re not […]

Fridge Storage and Efficiency Hacks! Learn How to Organize Food for Maximum Freshness


Whether you’re a neat-freak or the laid-back messy type, your fridge is something that should be properly organized so that nothing goes to waste. This is a really helpful infographic on where and how your perishables should be stored in your fridge. It explains where the coldest parts are of the fridge are and what […]

22 Wicked DIY Halloween Decorations And Scare Tactics


With Halloween fast approaching it’s time to get those crafty hands dirty, explore your creativity, and save your hard-earned money by making your own decorations.We’ve compiled the best DIY decorations for both inside and outside your home with varying degrees of difficulty – and there are even some great ideas to get the kids involved […]

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Cutest Knitted DIY: FREE Pattern for Cozy Slipper Boots


With the cold slowly creeping up on us, there’s really nothing better than the thought of hot chocolates, fires, onesies, snuggles and a cute new knitting project to keep you busy and warm. We managed to find this free pattern for our newest obsession: slipper boots! These amazingly cozy-looking boots are like the love-child of […]

26 Heavenly Delicious Bacon Recipes You Need To Taste Before You Die


It has been said that the smell of bacon, more than any other scent, has the power to tempt vegetarians back into a carnivorous lifestyle for just one salty, smoky bite of goodness. Bacon brings the family together in the mornings; it seduces men, it comforts women, and it makes nearly any dish even tastier. […]

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