100 Mind-Blowing DIY Christmas Gifts People Actually Want


Make sure you like DIY and Crafts on Facebook. to be updated every time we post an amazing DIY project. Follow us on pinterest here DIYnCrafts Pinterest Profile. Candy Sleighs We all know that feeling when your little one declares that he or she wants to hand out gifts to the whole class; it’s adorable […]

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How to DIY Colorful Rainbow Roses Step by Step Video Instructions


How often has it happened that you have a specific event or occasion that you want to get flowers for but can’t find the perfect array of colors to suit the theme? Sadly, for us, it’s happened too many times, and it can be rather frustrating to have to settle with second best. So, working […]

How to Peel Kiwis and Mangoes in under Five Seconds with Absolutely No Wastage


Top chef reveals secret kitchen technique to perfectly peeling mangoes, kiwis, and even avocados. So you’re trying to eat healthily and have decided to make a delicious fruit salad for dessert instead of having that double chocolate brownie that you’ve been drooling over. Good on you! Peeling oranges and bananas are easy, but whenever it […]

10 Insanely Easy Christmas Light Bulb Decorations and Ornaments


Who doesn’t love a good bout of recycling? It’s good for the environment, it allows you to use and express your creativity, and it can result in some cheap yet fabulous ornaments and decorations. Don’t throw away your burnt out light bulbs, turn them into Christmas decorations to bring the Christmas spirit to your home. […]

50 Genius Chalkboard Paint Projects That Will Beautify and Organize Your Home


Get your dresser drawer organized. Do you tend to make a mess of your dresser drawer? Wish you had an easy organizing system where you never again will forget where everything goes? This system using chalkboard paint is genius! Take everything out of your drawer and paint the bottom. Now, purchase a plastic organizer with […]

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Adorable Christmas Decoration: DIY Cotton Thread Snowman


Balloons aren’t just for parties – they’re actually incredibly useful tools in a hell of a lot of craft and DIY projects. We got all nostalgic with this balloon technique and simply loved the wonderful memories it brought back from being so little and carefree back in school. What You’ll Need: • PVA glue (e.g. […]

Brilliant Way to Impress Your Guests: Cute DIY Button Bowl


If you’re one of those serious crafters with a box full of random buttons then it’s about time you put them to good use. And even if you aren’t a button aficionado, you’ll soon become one when you see how easy it is to make this charming button bowl; all you have to do, literally, […]

4 Heartwarming Letters to Explain Santa to Your Kids


There comes a time in every parent’s life where they have to have the dreaded “talk”. Before the birds and the bees comes the Santa talk. A child will only believe in the jolly, pot-bellied, man for so long before their clever little brains start to see the impossibility of squeezing down every single chimney […]

33 Festive Christmas Wreaths You Can Easily DIY


Candy Cane Creativity What’s more Christmassy than candy canes? This is quick, simple, and effective, and we absolutely love the unexpected little hearts that come from the arrangement here. Just make sure you hang it high, out of reach from the kids! DIY Instructions and Project Credit –  Virginiasweetpea More Sweets Here’s another deliciously sweet […]

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15 Genius Rubber Band Lifehacks to Simplify Your Life


Rubber bands always come in handy when you want to keep things together (like your mail), but these cheap little loops of rubber can improve your life in so many other ways; from painting and packing, to taking photos and driving in the right direction! But whatever you do, just don’t use them as hair […]