80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Easter is coming and with it comes visions of warmer weather, spring colors and loads of decorations. If you are someone who enjoys making your own Easter décor, we have a great collection of DIY decorations for you.

80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself - Cute and creative Easter decorating ideas!

Whether you want something simple that the kids can do with you or you prefer something that looks a bit more complicated, these projects are sure to be perfect for your Easter décor needs. From creating and decorating your own Easter tree to simple decorations that you can make with yummy Easter candy, we have something for every DIYer in this collection.

Grab your creativity and find the project that best suits your decoration needs. You are sure to find something that is easy and fun and will allow you to create beautiful decorations that you are sure to want to show off this Easter. These colorful, fun and easy projects are sure to be a hit with crafters of all ages.

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Delicious Vase Display

Easter candy is not only delicious, it is colorful and beautiful. If you love having candy sitting around and you want to use that candy to create a great Easter display, this is the perfect project for you. You just need a glass vase and loads of Easter themed candies. Robin eggs, jelly beans and marshmallow Peeps are perfect for this project, especially since Peeps now come in multiple colors. You can add flowers to the top or a nice ribbon – whatever you prefer.

Detailed Instructions – Findingsilverlinings

Delicious Vase Display - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Colorful Chick Placeholders

Fill your Easter Dinner table with holiday cheer when you create these adorable and very colorful placeholders. You will need a small terra cotta garden pot for each person at your table. The chicks are made with plastic spoons and you can paint the placeholders all the same color or make a unique color combination for each dinner guest. Hang a sign on the chicks with the names of your guests and you will have the most colorful table in the neighborhood.

Detailed Instructions – Craftsbyamanda

Colorful Chick Placeholders - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Potted Plant Décor

If you are anxious for those beautiful outside flowers to begin blooming, you can create your own little window garden with potted plants and decorate your home for Easter at the same time. This works great if you have a window box or if not, you can create the illusion of one. You can use whatever plants you want and even create a fence for them so that it looks like you have a spring garden even if the weather is not quite cooperating.

Detailed Instructions – Bhg

Potted Plant Décor - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Peep Topiaries

These topiaries don’t actually contain marshmallow Peeps. They have Peeps that you can create yourself in a larger size out of Styrofoam. These little topiaries would look great next to your front door and if you have room, create one for each side of the door. You can decorate with greenery, ribbons, large plastic Easter eggs or practically anything you want. This is a really easy project that is certain to get attention from all of your neighbors.

Detailed Instructions – Craft-o-maniac

Peep Topiaries - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Tulip Bouquet with Peeps

Lemon drops and yellow marshmallow Peeps will give you the basis for a beautiful display for your favorite tulips. Incidentally, if you want to mix and match colors, that’s ok. If you prefer purple Peeps with your yellow lemon drops and a mixture of yellow and purple tulips, that would work too. Just use your imagination and your colors of choice to create a beautiful vase for those tulips.

Detailed Instructions – Thelawsofmylife

Tulip Bouquet with Peeps - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Watermelon Bunny Basket

Melon baskets aren’t just for summer. Consider creating a whimsical bunny from your watermelon and then fill it with colorful fruits and melons. You can also add a few jelly beans, Peeps or any other type of Easter candy if you want. This little project will take you very little time and will look great on any Easter celebration table. You can use fruits and berries to make the bunny’s face and the only actual work involved is in the carving.

Detailed Instructions – Pinterest

Watermelon Bunny Basket - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Bunny Garland

You can buy Easter garland if you want but the real fun and satisfaction comes from making it yourself. Garland can easily be made into bunny shapes with just a bit of cutting and then you can use cotton balls for the tail or add wiggly eyes to make it whimsical. You just need the basic shape of the bunny and you can cut it out of construction paper, wall paper or anything you want to make your garland from.

Detailed Instructions – Taliaaudenart

Bunny Garland - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Lovely Door Decoration

If you want to liven up your door for Easter or for spring in general, think about putting flowers – real or silk- on the door. You can use an umbrella, small basket or even a floppy hat to hold your flowers. Just arrange them in whatever way you want and tie them all together with a spring colored ribbon. To really give it an Easter look, add a few plastic eggs in various colors.

Detailed Instructions – Bhg

Lovely Door Decoration - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Bunny Chair Covers

Dress up your dining room or kitchen by making your very own Easter Bunny chair covers. You can create chair covers for virtually any holiday or special occasion with little or no sewing. For the bunny covers, you just need some white felt and fabric glue. Just create your little bunnies, complete with pink ears and then add whimsical facial features. Kids will love sitting down to dinner when they get to do so on an Easter Bunny chair cover.

Detailed Instructions – Spoonful

Bunny Chair Covers - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

Colorful Yarn Wreath

You can create a beautiful wreath with a base and some colorful yarn. You don’t have to know how to knit or crochet for this project. You simply have to be able to wrap and cut. This is a really easy wreath and will look wonderful on your door. You can decorate with plastic eggs, flowers, an Easter Bunny or just anything you want to express yourself. You can use the wreath throughout spring to give your home a very welcoming look.

Detailed Instructions – Justmisty

Colorful Yarn Wreath - 80 Fabulous Easter Decorations You Can Make Yourself

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