25 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas

Believe it or not, people do actually make their own Easter baskets still. Years ago this wasn’t such a shocker but today, there are so many on the market with so many toys and candy selections that you may wonder why people even bother to make their own. If you are someone who prefers things homemade or you just can never find a basket that has exactly what you want in it, you can make your own Easter baskets and some of these are much better than those that you find in a store. Many require very few supplies and some of these even give you great ideas on how to fill those baskets.

25 Cute and Creative Homemade Easter Basket Ideas...

Whether you simply prefer things the DIY way or you have decided that this will finally be the year you choose to make your own Easter baskets for family and friends, we have a great collection of 25 baskets that you are sure to love.

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Paper Plate Easter Baskets

Believe it or not, you can actually make an Easter basket out of things that you have at home. This paper plate Easter basket is the perfect example. It is adorable in the shape of a bunny head and will be perfect for egg hunts. Note that you probably won’t want to stuff a lot of heavy things in this one but it’s great for those who really don’t want to buy baskets that are going to become clutter in a few days. You just cut the plates, staple and then decorate your bunny to create an adorable basket that is cheap and easy. Instructions – JellyfishjellyPaper Plate Easter Baskets

Bunny Pail Easter Baskets

This great little basket is actually a plastic pail that you can pick up at the Dollar Store for around a dollar. You just take the time to add the bunny face and it becomes the perfect little Easter basket. The pail can be filled with loads of candy and toys or craft supplies – whatever you want to give your little ones. You can decorate with ribbon, stickers, googly eyes or just about anything you want to create the bunny face or you can create an entirely different character. Instructions – Chocolate-candy-mallBunny Pail Easter Baskets

Baby Easter Baskets

If you don’t really want to give your baby candy, why not simply create a basket from a larger toy and fill it with other toys? A plastic truck or pink car (for girls) will be great for creating a little basket for baby. Just choose a toy that is age appropriate and fill with things that your baby needs. Bibs, bottles, and even baby food are all great choices for baby’s first Easter. You can throw in a bit of candy for mom and dad or choose foods that baby can eat (depending on his or her age of course) like crackers, teething biscuits or other baby food type things. Instructions – NaughtysecretaryclubBaby Easter Baskets

Balloon Easter Baskets

These balloon Easter baskets are so adorable and really easy to make. If you want a basket that is easy, inexpensive and very unique, this is the one. You basically use a blown up balloon and some crochet thread to create the basket and the technique is much easier than it looks. Once finished, there will be an open place in the front of the basket that you can fill with goodies. These are great because you can make them in any size, depending on the size of the balloon that you use. Instructions – KreationsbychattykathyBalloon Easter Baskets

Stuff Animal Easter Baskets

Who knew a simple stuffed animal could be turned into an adorable Easter basket? This is one of the most unique and most adorable DIY baskets ever and is so easy to do. You will need to purchase a stuffed animal – unless of course you have loads of them just lying around. You just basically empty out the animal’s stuffing and then create a basket from the outside. Note that there is a little sewing to actually create the basket and you’ll need to attach a handle. Still, this is a very easy basket and so adorable that your little ones are bound to love it. Instructions – TheidearoomStuff Animal Easter Baskets

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