Adorable DIY Piggy Banks from Plastic Bottles

If you are looking for a fun project that you can do with your kids, these adorable piggy banks made from plastic bottles are perfect. If you tend to have a few 2 liter soda bottles sitting around, they will work perfectly.

DIY piggy bank

You just have to cut the bottles down to create the piggy bank body and then put them together and decorate. Kids will absolutely adore this project because they are free to decorate their own banks however they like.

You can spray paint the banks to give them the right color and there are so many different barnyard animals that you could create. What a wonderful way to repurpose plastic soda bottles! The lids fit over the bottom section and can be removed easily so kids can gather together their money whenever they want. You can paint on the eyes, ears and other decorations or visit your local craft store for googly eyes and felt ears.

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