32 Brilliant DIY Anthropologie Knockoffs

Have you ever been inside an Anthropologie Store? If not, you may be missing out. Everything is so unique and you are certain to find something that you absolutely love. Of course, we had to find some DIY ways to do the Anthropologie thing.32 Brilliant DIY Anthropologie Knockoffs

You may not like everything that is inspired by Anthropologie but you are sure to find something. The key to having an Anthropologie inspired home is in allowing your own personal identity to shine through. Oh, and thinking outside the box. Really, some of the stuff in their stores is so utterly unique and way out of the ordinary. Whether you prefer animal heads on the walls or you have something strange that you want to make a chandelier out of, you are sure to get some inspiration to bring into your home from your own personality.

The main thing to remember about being Anthropologie inspired is to create a unique ambience. You want people to feel comfortable in your home but you want them to really notice your home as well. So what if those drapes covered in lady bugs aren’t traditional living room curtains. If you like them and they match your style, then go for it. You can find a lot of projects from jars and curtains to bedding, furniture and so much more that will give you that unique look you want. Just get Anthropologie inspired.

There are so many projects that you can do that will give your home the same look without spending a fortune at the store.

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  1. Nancy pruyn says

    no matter how hard I try, I cannot get the pattern for the DIY Anthropologie cable knit headband. What’s the secret to getting this pattern?

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