Fantastic Natural Homemade DIY Detoxification Bath {Recipe}

Fantastic Natural Homemade DIY Detoxification Bath {Recipe}

Detox baths are very popular in spas around the world because they allow your body to eliminate toxins which instantly help you to feel better. When done correctly, these baths can also help you to absorb vital nutrients and minerals into your body that are very beneficial and they will leave you feeling wonderful.

In true DIY style, we have found a wonderful recipe for a detoxification bath. You need to make sure that you have about 40 minutes free for the bath. The first 20 minutes allow you to cleanse your body of toxins while the remaining 20 minutes help you to absorb minerals.

Begin by filling your bathtub with water that is as hot as you like it. You will want to add:



The salts help to flush toxins from your body and baking soda has very good anti-fungal properties. It will leave you feeling soft and refreshed as well. Please note that ginger can cause the skin to turn red for a few moments so if you are not comfortable using this, you can omit it. You can choose any aromatherapy or essential oils that you want. These give your bath a really nice fragrance so pick something that helps you to relax. Lavender and eucalyptus are both relaxing choices. You can also use fresh herbs if you have them instead of essential oils.

That’s it – just mix the ingredients around in the bathwater and soak for 40 minutes. You should begin to sweat within the first few minutes of being in the bath. This is good because the sweat is what will release the toxins from your body. If you get too hot, add just enough cold water to make the bath more comfortable. This is a good time to do a deep moisturizer on your hair if you want or just play some favorite music, turn out the lights, light a few candles and really relax and enjoy yourself.

Be sure to drink plenty of water after your detoxification bath.

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