Amazing DIY Tips for Cleaning and Shining Stainless Steel Appliances

Amazing DIY Tips for Cleaning and Shining Stainless Steel Appliances

Stainless steel appliances are beautiful, aren’t they? They just look so clean and elegant. That is, until they get all grungy with fingerprints, food droppings and other dirt and then you have to clean them. Cleaning them is one thing but how in the world do you get them to shine like new again?

We found a few amazing tips for cleaning and shining those appliances and keeping them looking new. The DIY recipe just calls for olive oil and dish soap and you will need a few paper towels and 2 microfiber cloths. This is a great method for cleaning those appliances and giving them a wonderful shine.

No more grungy stainless steel in the kitchen. Actually, you can use this to clean stainless steel no matter where you have it and it works great on stoves, refrigerators or any other stainless that you may have in your kitchen.  By Melissa.


  1. Audrey Blakeney says

    Thank you for posting this tutorial video on how to clean stainless steel. The steel can become extremely dirty looking when people touch appliances to use them or clean them, which can be very difficult to clean completely. As you said, using a rough surface to clean the steel will ruin it, so thank you for providing other options. Also, the joke you made in the beginning of the video about Metalheads and Metalica was very clever. Thanks again!

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