100 Gorgeous Burlap Projects that will Beautify Your Life

Burlap is a very popular material and one that gives you many craft possibilities. If you are looking to add a bit of rustic to your home or you simply like the look of burlap, there are so many things that you can make!

100 Gorgeous Burlap Projects that will Beautify Your Life

We have collected a list of 100 easy DIY projects that you can make with burlap. From bed skirts and curtains to pillows, picture frames and even wedding attire, you can easily put together these burlap crafts and decorate your home or give them away as gifts.
Burlap is easy to find and relatively inexpensive (think potato sacks) or you can purchase it from your local craft store and it comes in a wide variety of colors these days as well so even if you don’t generally like the brownish color, you can find other colors to complete your crafts. Grab that burlap and get started on one of these amazing projects.

Felt Flower Burlap Pillow

This little pillow is the perfect way to add a little rustic charm to your living room or bedroom. Whether you have it on the couch or use it as a decorative bed pillow, it is lovely and really simple to make. The felt flower is the most complicated part but even that is relatively easy. You just need enough burlap to create the pillow and then of course, the stuffing. This is so easy that you may want to make several to line your couch and you can alter the size to fit your specific needs.
DIY Instructions – Bet1975Felt Flower Burlap Pillow

Burlap Canvas

This is a great project that is perfect for keeping photos or even notes. You can hang it in the kitchen and use the clothespins to hold notes about schedules or important events. You need to purchase a canvas, which you can probably get at your local Dollar Store and you’ll need ribbon or other fabric trim to hold the clothespins which hold your photos or note cards. You can actually put this entire thing together in less than an hour and it’s great for holding recipes or just anything that you want to put on it.
DIY Instructions – AkadesignBurlap Canvas

Burlap Tote with Shabby Rose

You just can never have too many tote bags and this one is made completely of burlap, right down to the adorable shabby rose on the side. You can actually put the rose anywhere you want but it looks great right next to the strap. Note that you’ll need fabric to cover the inside unless you really do want it completely from burlap. There is also a bit of sewing required but even for beginning sewers, this is a great little project that won’t take up too much of your time and will give you a beautiful tote that you can use at the beach this summer.
DIY Instructions – LamaisonreidBurlap Tote with Shabby Rose

Burlap and Lace Table Runner

What a beautiful way to dress up a fall table! This lace and burlap table runner is as easy to make as it is beautiful. You can use it during other seasons but it will be perfect for those fall dinners and even Thanksgiving. It’s such a simple project, too. You just have to cut your burlap and then add the lace. You can make it wider by adding wider lace or just add a thin lace border to make it smaller. You can also toggle the length to fit your specific table length and this would be great even for coffee tables or dressers.
DIY Instructions – CelebrationsBurlap and Lace Table Runner

Rustic Burlap Vase

This beautiful vase is actually made with an upcycled tin can. You just clean the can thoroughly and then glue the burlap all the way around. You’ll have to cut the burlap to ensure that it fits perfectly lengthwise and then top it off with a lovely satin or lace ribbon. You could also crochet a topper and run the ribbon through that. These would be great for weddings to hold flowers on the table or you could just have a few of them sitting around the house this summer holding lovely wildflowers. A little hot glue will hold the burlap and ribbons perfectly in place.
DIY Idea – EtsyRustic Burlap Vase

Burlap Curtains

Imagine the rustic look that your home will have when you create these lovely burlap curtains to hang. Whether you want something in the bedroom, living room or even the dining room, you can make these pretty quickly and there is no sewing required. They cost only about $7 per panel which is much cheaper than store bought curtains and these are so much more unique. If you want, you could embellish them a bit with different things or they look great without anything added.
DIY Instructions – FourgenerationsoneroofBurlap Curtains

Rustic Sliding Chalkboard with Burlap Backing

This is a great Pottery Barn knockoff that would be perfect for keeping family messages organized. It has a chalkboard for writing messages as well as burlap for pinning up notes, recipes or anything else you need to keep handy. The original piece from Pottery Barn (which is no longer available) was over $100 but you can make this yourself for around $10, depending on what you have on hand for the project.
DIY Instructions – PrettyhandygirlRustic Sliding Chalkboard with Burlap Backing

Burlap Christmas Stockings

We realize it’s a little early for Christmas projects, but this one is so cute that it just had to be mentioned. If you want to decorate in a rustic look this coming Holiday, these burlap stockings are absolutely perfect. Just measure, cut, sew and then embellish with whatever you want. The un-hemmed ruffles on these are adorable and really give them that rustic country look. You could do as many of these as you need for your mantel or imagine adding them to your porch decorations.
DIY Instructions – DearlillieblogBurlap Christmas Stockings

Ruffled Bed Skirt

This great bed skirt has loads of ruffles and is perfect in burlap for those of you looking to add a real rustic feel to your homes. The skirt is actually much easier to make than it looks and you can create one in king or queen size based on the instructions. You could also probably cut it down if you needed a full or twin sized bed skirt. The little bows on the corners are really cute and imagine how this would look with a few burlap decorator pillows on the bed.
DIY Idea – EtsyRuffled Bed Skirt

Erasable Dinner Menu

This menu is certainly going to dress up your kitchen and it serves such a handy little function. You can keep track of all of the meals that you are planning to make for the week. This lets you know that you have everything you need on hand and keeps all of your dinners perfectly organized. The project itself is really easy and you can use whatever color schemes you want so that you can match it perfectly to your kitchen décor. These would also make wonderful gifts.
DIY Instructions – BystephanielynnErasable Dinner Menu

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