10 Ways to Lighten your Hair Naturally {Homemade Recipes}

Lighten Your Hair Naturally for Summer with These Great Homemade Recipes
10 Ways to Lighten your Hair Naturally {Homemade Recipes}Everyone wants lighter hair in summer. Well, maybe not everyone but most people do prefer a lighter look for the warmer months. If you tend to want to highlight your hair during the summer but prefer to steer clear of harsh chemical lighteners, there is a great homemade recipe that you can try. These recipes are using uses all natural ingredients so there is no damage to your hair. You may remember spritzing lemon juice on your hair when you were younger and hoping that it would lighten. Well, this is about the same thing only with a few key ingredients thrown in.

Homemade lightening is much less expensive than buying highlighter in the store and you can use it more than once because there are no chemicals to cause dry and brittle hair. Here are a few different lightening methods that you can try:

6. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is great for your hair. Not only with it lighten your locks, it helps to keep them healthy. Just take about 8 or 9 Vitamin C tablets, crush them and mix with your favorite shampoo. Shampoo as usual and then condition.

7. Henna Powder

– Henna Powder mixed with chamomile is a great lightening agent. You will need:

  • Henna Powder – You can get this at most natural food stores
  • Chamomile – Powder is best and this also comes from natural food stores
  • Boiling water

You just have to mix equal amounts of each powder to make a thick paste when added to boiling water. Allow this mixture to cool and then comb it into your wet hair. Place a shower cap or a plastic bag over your hair and leave the mixture for about an hour – note that if you have darker hair, you can leave it for up to 2 hours. Remove the plastic and rinse the mixture from your hair.

8. Vinegar

– Just rinsing your hair with water and vinegar will help to lighten it. It takes a bit of time for this to work so it is best for those looking for gradual lightening. Just mix one part vinegar with 6 parts water and rinse hair. Leave the rinse on for at least 15 minutes. Apple cider vinegar works the best and smells a bit better.


– You can mix salt with water and get natural lightening as well. If you have ever swam in salt water, you know how this works. Just mix 1 part salt with about 5 parts water and rinse your hair. Allow to sit in hair for at least 15 minutes and then rinse clean.

10. Lemon

– Of course, if you want to go old school, you can just mix a cup of water with about 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and apply it to your hair. Then just sit in the sunlight until your hair dries. This is another natural way to lighten hair that is a bit more subtle.

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  1. JULIA says

    What would happen if i did more than 1 of these? Is there any reason that would not work or damage my hair?

    • Random Girl says

      I’m pretty sure it has to be raw because other honeys that aren’t raw can have other ingredients in them that probably are not needed in the lightener and some could even have things you wouldn’t want in your hair in them.

    • BritneY says

      It won’t be sticky. Add a bit of water and if you want, some condititioner, too. Just wash it really well and act like it is how you would normally wash your hair and rinse it with shampoo. It shouldn’t be sticky.

    • Marie says

      I just tried the honey treatment last night (I did 4 parts honey and 1 part water). It kind of lightened my hair, but not noticeably so. I slept with it in over night and I woke up to a very sticky pillowcase in the morning; even with a shower cap on. So, I don’t think I would ever try this treatment again. Also, I put it on like an hour before I went to bed and it was dripping down my face like crazy!

      • Guest says

        Maybe because you didn’t use original honey .
        When honey is pure it never drips down . It just sticks to your body/hair .
        Sadly, they sell impure honey everywhere which is useful only for edibles .

  2. samantha says

    I mixed cinnamon, honey, lemon juice, water, baking soda,hydrogen peroxide and salt I’ve let it sit on my ends for over an hour but I’m scared to rinse it off because I don’t know how it will turn out

    • Alex says

      Why on earth would you combine several methods in the same application? Taking 3x the prescribed dose of a medicine does not cure you any faster: it makes you sick. Rinse your hair & try one method at a time, please! Your hair will thank you!

  3. berniejones says

    SALT? JUST DO NOT USE SALT in order to light up your hair!! it is very agressive against your hair, use salt is a very bad idea, believe me!

  4. ziayre says

    actually if u mix the baking soda and peroxide together it will actually lighten your hair noticeably its pretty cool and worked for me

  5. Mac says

    i just did the first method using the raw honey, olive oil, vinegar and cinnamon. I do not have sensitive skin ever but I had to get back in the shower and wash it out immediately because my shoulders, neck, ears and face started getting a burning rash and turned bright red. I’ve used honey and lemon together in past and it worked fine so I think I will go back to that. On the bright side though, the vinegar is a great way to remove build up and the honey conditions. Maybe the cinnamon was to harsh on my skin.

  6. Samantha says

    so I am tying the cinnamon treatment and wanted to know how long I leave the mixture in my hair, I am a first-timer with this and any help would be nice.

  7. vivian says

    I had my hair professional colored red and it turned out really dark. I would really like to lightened it naturally, what do i use

  8. Naqiyah says

    I have really dark brown hair almost black I want to really lighten it in the summer I also have red highlights so I want to know what’s the best method I can use.

  9. Mimi says

    With the tea, is it saying just pour a cup of tea over your head or are you meant to make it in a bowl or such??
    Also, which method would you say has the most drastic lightening effect?

    • Mimi says

      I don’t know about the making darker but to lighten the tips, just aply one of these methods to only the tips of your hair.

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