20 Genius DIY Recycled and Repurposed Christmas Crafts


Plastic Bottle Penguins Cute little penguins have become a Christmas staple, so here’s an easy way to incorporate them into your festivities using empty plastic 2l bottles. Some glue and a bit of paint is all you need to add. DIY Instructions and Project Credit – Viladoartesao Cardboard Owls What’s cuter than a few owls sitting […]

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Recycling at its Finest: How to Build a Magnificent Milk Jug Igloo


As winter descends upon us, we should know by now that resisting the cold weather is futile. Instead of cursing the season, why not embrace it? Christmas and all its associated crafts are, undoubtedly, the best part about winter, but the second coolest Christmas craft I’ve managed to find is this igloo made completely out […]

Adorable DIY Ninja Turtle Christmas Ornaments


Thanks to Hollywood and director Jonathan Liebesman, our childhood love for the crime-fighting, pizza-loving, sewer-dwelling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has been revived! And considering that this year is the 30th anniversary of the creation of the comic book characters, why not celebrate and show your appreciation by making these cool little Turtles-inspired Christmas tree decorations? […]

Incredibly Lovely Project: How To DIY Sock Owls


I’m pretty obsessed with owls lately; they’re just such interesting creatures! They’re adorable, yet are dignified hunters; they seem almost mystical or magical since you don’t see them all that often; the females are the larger, more aggressive, and more beautiful gender (whoop!); and a group of owls is called a parliament – how cool is […]

Rustic DIY Project: Eye-Catching Pendant Lamp Made from Repurposed Paper Bags


When you hear the words ‘grocery paper bag’, ‘charming’, ‘chic’ and ‘lamp’ may not be the first words that spring to mind. Who are we kidding, they probably aren’t even the last words you would ever come up with; the unconventionality is what makes this DIY project so exciting and unique. Next time you get […]

Creative Use for Old T-Shirts: Braid Them Into a Beautifully Bright Rug


Are you a hoarder who just can’t let go of anything? Don’t worry, you certainly aren’t alone! Thankfully, I’ve found a project that will finally justify your hoarding tendencies. Gather all those t-shirts you’ve got collecting dust or moth balls and turn them into a homemade, colorful, repurposed rug! Sure, a rug made of old […]

Brilliant Recycling Project! Turn Old Jeans into this Quirky Farm Girl Apron


People make a lot of cool things from their old jeans, like skirts, bags, quilts, and even placemats; but a cute farm girl-inspired apron? Well that’s new and exciting! Repurposing old jeans that no longer fit really is a much better idea than simply tossing them – especially when you can make something as practical […]

25 Fun and Creative DIY Projects to Make with Corks


Wine Cork Birdhouse Use up those old wine corks and give your birds a special place to live. This wine cork birdhouse is really easy to make and looks absolutely beautiful in the yard. You will need quite a few corks, around 90 for a good sized house, and a few other supplies. You basically […]

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100 Ways to Repurpose and Reuse Broken Household Items


Turn A Broken Picture Frame Into An Earring Holder When you break (or your kids or pets break) the glass out of a picture frame, don’t throw away the base. Instead, use it to create a gorgeous and very functional earring display. You’ll need some sort of wire (picture wire works really well) to hang […]

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40 Beautiful and Easy DIY Flower Beds to Brighten Your Outdoors


Suspended Flower Beds Utilizing air space is a wonderful way to have more than enough room for all of your favorite flowers. This suspended flower bed is made from pieces of old guttering. If you have recently had your gutters replaced, this is a great way to recycle those old pieces. Or, you can pick […]

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