Quick Recycling Craft: Adorable Ladybugs made from Plastic Spoons


I’ve loved ladybugs since I was a little girl; I think these pretty little beetles are one of the most-loved insect species. Despite the nickname, though, the entire ladybug population does not exist purely of ladies, there are males out there too. There’s an interesting legend behind the “lady” part. It is said that hundreds […]

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Turn Your Old Jeans into a Garden Apron in Mere Seconds, using Just a Pair of Scissors


I’m willing to bet that all of you have at least one pair of jeans that you never wear anymore, just sitting or hanging in the back of the closet, wondering if it’ll ever see the light of day again. I’m much too embarrassed to admit how many old jeans I’ve been hoarding over the […]

30 Genius Ways to Reuse and Repurpose Empty Pill Bottles


My friend has a condition that requires her to take quite a lot of medicine; when I was at her house the other day I discovered a rather shocking stash of empty pill bottles. I was glad that she hadn’t simply tossed them, contributing to the plastic problem we have, but my-oh-my were there a […]

20 Delightfully Creative and Functional Ways to Repurpose Old Cribs


The problem with buying things for babies is that they outgrow absolutely everything, and pretty quickly at that. While some people may choose to donate or sell their old cribs, if you fancy the idea of creating something totally new and useful from something rather unconventional, perhaps you should hold on to that little crib. […]

A Quick and Easy Way to Turn Old Sweaters into Warm, Cozy Mittens


So I’ve shown you how to repurpose your old t-shirts by cutting them up into t-shirt yarn to make all sorts of rugs and blankets, but what about your old sweaters? Well, when the cold comes around again your dainty little fingers are going to start numbing and freezing up, so instead of tossing those […]

Kids’ Craft: Turn those Empty Plastic Eggs into Light-Up Fireflies in No Time


Once the Easter craze has worn off you’re going to be sitting with a lot of Easter-themed trash and leftovers that may seem pretty useless; more specifically, those plastic Easter eggs. I really don’t like plastic because it has such a terrible impact on the environment, so I’m really quick to jump on the chance […]

Genius Upcycling Project for Old Tires: Make a Stunning Pond Garden Feature


Tires are very resilient and durable, which is a great thing when they’re on the wheels of your car, but those very same attributes make them problematic waste items. A tire with no tread is a nightmare for a driver, but it also opens doors to some creative upcycling, since you still have the strength […]

Brilliant Repurposing Project: How to Make Roses out of Plastic Spoons


What can you make with some plastic spoons and a candle? This isn’t a riddle; the answer is a beautiful rose. If you have kids then you’re more than likely to have a pack of these plastic spoons somewhere in the house, and if not, they’re cheap enough to buy. I love this inventive craft […]

Recycle Plastic Bottles into Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots


Love gardening?  Wish you could get started with your favorite outdoor plants indoors during these cold winter months?  One great way to do it is to use seed starter pots, as described on Seattle Sundries.  And this very clever project allows you to turn old 2-liter plastic bottles into seed starter pots which will automatically […]

How to Turn an Old Wire Spool Into a Beautiful Wine Table


Have a large wooden wire spool which you’re thinking of throwing away or recycling?  Why not turn it into a creative and beautiful wine table instead?  This project from Branded in Time Décor is very clever, and as you can see, the results are incredible if you take the time to do a nice job.  […]