Ingenious Science Project: How to Make Glow in the Dark Water


Who needs glow sticks when you have water, right? I found this cool little experiment of making fluorescent water and my mind instantly went into overdrive contemplating how I can make use of this interesting fun fact. Well, first and foremost, if you have kids they’ll definitely love this experiment! It’ll be a great way […]

7 Helpful Ways to Use Salt around the House (Excluding Making Food Taste Great, of Course)


Most people have a sweet tooth, but I actually have a salt tooth. Don’t get me wrong, I adore cakes and brownies and anything chocolate, but I really can’t have too much without craving salt. Put a plate of salty snacks in front of me, though, and they’ll be gone in the blink of an […]

Keep Your Valuables Secure with this Ingenious DIY Soup Can Safe


Safes can be pretty darn expensive, so why spend the money when you can make your own little contraption in which to keep your valuables safe? I promise you, no robbers will find these! The appeal and benefit of this type of makeshift safe is that it hides in plain sight and isn’t quite as […]

Probably the Best Food Hack You’ll Ever See: Peeling Potatoes with Power Tools


I don’t know how many potatoes a typical Russian consumes—maybe they need them to make all that vodka—but this is truly one of the coolest lifehacks I have ever come across in all my internet trawling. And that’s saying a lot, since digging through the endless data on the internet is pretty much my job. […]

Easy Science Project: How to Make a Neon Green Flame


We’re all pretty well acquainted with red glowing coals and the mesmerizing yellowish-amber color from flames in the fireplace, and if you really stare long enough you’ll even notice small glows of blue at the very “bottom” of the flame. But have you ever seen a green flame? The green flame truly is a fascinating […]

Incredible Easter Egg Coloring Hack: Use Silk Squares to Dye Your Eggs


Easter is here! I love any excuse to get together with family and just spend a nice day together with good food and great conversation (and to eat chocolate). When it comes to decorating eggs, instead of getting all messy with ink or paint, I found this clever tutorial for a more grown-up version of […]

Easy Food Hack: Peel Hard Boiled Eggs in Mere Seconds


Two hard boiled eggs are a great way to start the day. Eggs are packed with protein, and they’ll help you lose weight since they make you feel fuller for longer. In fact, studies have shown that in two groups of women—one group eating two eggs for breakfast and the other eating a bagel and […]

10 Genius Microwave Hacks You Probably Didn’t Know About


For the most part, people use their microwaves for those quick microwave meals, to reheat leftovers, heat up milk for their coffee etc., but that trusty microwave of yours actually has many more uses that you just don’t know about. Here’s how to get the most out of your nuker; prepare to marvel at how […]

Brilliant Flower Arranging Hack: Keep Flowers Upright in Large Vase


Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so if like me, you’re expecting a beautiful bouquet of flowers from your loved one, from a secret admirer, or just from yourself to brighten up your home, you might need this trick to help you out. I have a beautiful vase that was given to me as a […]

Over 80% Don’t Know This! MUST Learn Skill: How to Save a Choking Baby


If you’re a mother to a young baby (and any aged child, for that matter) there is no doubt that you have completely driven yourself crazy thinking of anything and everything that can happen to your little one. Choking is most probably high on that list, since curious children just seem to love putting things […]