40 Clever and Creative Ways to Use an Ice Cube Tray


Make Cleaners for the Garbage Disposal Keeping the garbage disposal clean can be as simple as freezing some vinegar and lemon in your ice cube tray. Just place a lemon slice in each slot and then fill over the lemon with vinegar. These will freeze in just a couple of hours and then you can […]

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20 Strange but Effective Everyday Uses for Castor Oil


1. Lubricate Scissors Castor oil makes a wonderful lubricant for scissors. Because it actually can be ingested, it is much better for use on metals that touch food than other lubricants that should never touch your mouth. Just rub a bit on your scissors or other utensils and let it sit for a while and […]

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Scientific Lifehack: How to Empty Ketchup and Other Plastic Bottles Completely


Don’t you just hate it when you have to throw away ketchup bottles that still have just a little ketchup left in them? Getting that last little bit of ketchup (or any other product) out of a bottle can be nearly impossible – until now. The key to emptying those bottles is centrifugal force which […]

Ingenious No-Plunge Method for Unclogging the Toilet


Clogged toilets happen and sometimes they seem to be really stuck. Instead of calling the plumber or even getting out that plunger, you should take just a moment to consider this great no-plunge method for unclogging that toilet. Note that if you have a really stubborn clog, you may need to pull out the plunger […]

Scramboiled Eggs? Fun and Tasty New Way to Prepare Breakfast


Imagine a fun new way to make scrambled/boiled eggs. Well, scramboiled eggs are quickly becoming a breakfast hit everywhere and they are fun and easy to make. The gist is to scramble the eggs while they are still in the shell and then to hard boil them so that when you crack them, they are […]

15 Genius DIY Ways to Make Your Home Smell Wonderful


Simmer Liquid Fabric Softener One great way to give your home a wonderfully clean smell is to add a capful of fabric softener to two capfuls of water and then allow it to simmer. You can do this on the stove if you have an old pan that you want to dedicate to it or […]

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28 Important Life Skills Anyone Can Learn Within a Matter of Days

Happy Couple Cooking Together. Dieting. Healthy Food

Your Rights During Police Stops If you are just driving along and suddenly a police car pulls you over, do you know your rights? You should. In fact, everyone should know their basic rights regarding traffic stops and violations. Take the time to learn these rights which incidentally you can find online. Just read up […]

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18 Professional Kitchen Infographics to Make Cooking Easier and Faster


Egg Chart Eggs are used in so many recipes that it is important to know what you can substitute when you don’t have them plus how to do various steps like glazing. If you need to know all about eggs with regards to your recipes, this is the chart for you. Infographic Source – Chasingdelicious […]

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The Biggest Money Saving DIY – Double Your Gas Mileage With a Few DIY Steps


Gas is one of the most costly expenses that we face today. Whether you drive an old clunker or a hybrid, there are things that you can do that will help you to add a few extra miles to that tank of gas every week. In this video you’ll learn how to save money on […]

20 Creative Ways to Organize and Decorate with Hangers


Hanging Bra Organizer Hanging those bras is a great way to keep them from tangling and this bra organizer gives you loads of room to store as many bras as you need to hang. You will need a few wooden hangers and a package of screw hooks to create the organizer. Then just put everything […]

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