100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Easter isn’t all about decorating eggs and watching for the Easter Bunny. It’s also about the food. Whether you are planning a big Easter dinner, a small brunch or you just want a few recipes to create delicious and fun treats for your family, there are literally hundreds of things that you can make.

In fact, we have collected 100 great easy to make Easter treats that are sure to thrill your family and friends. From homemade Cadbury eggs to many different ways to decorate an Easter Bunny cake, it’s all in here.

There are also traditional recipes like Easter bread complete with a decorated egg baked in the middle and various other not so sweet recipes. Whether you are planning a party or you just want to make your own little Easter a bit more special, you are sure to find loads of great treats to make in this collection.

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Carrot Top Cupcakes

If you want to make something really different for parties or Easter dinner, these little carrot top cupcakes are simply perfect. You make the carrots from orange colored circus peanuts and use green Twizzlers for the greenery at the top. These are so adorable and your little ones are sure to love them. Even kids who hate eating their veggies are going to love biting into these little carrots.
Recipe – Parents Carrot Top Cupcakes - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs

Rice Krispies treats are great. Not only are they delicious, they are easily moldable so you can do so many different things with them. These hidden surprise Easter eggs are sure to be a huge hit with kids and adults alike. You simply make the Rice Krispies treats, mold them and then hide mini Cadbury eggs, pastel colored M&Ms or jelly beans inside. You can decorate them with candies or whip up some decorator frosting if you like.
Recipe – Ricekrispies Rice Krispies Hidden Surprise Easter Eggs - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Easter Bunny Cheese Spread

This is a great recipe for brunches or parties. You create the cheese spread (which has cream cheese and deli beef) and then shape it into an Easter bunny. Surround your little bunny with veggies like carrots, broccoli, tomatoes or anything that you want on the plate. You could also use crackers with this if you prefer. The cheese spread takes only minutes to create and you can shape it into any Easter decoration that you wanted. The bunny is just too cute, though.
Recipe – Tasteofhome Easter Bunny Cheese Spread - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Easter Basket Cake

This beautiful cake is the perfect complement to your Easter dinner or brunch. You can make the cake in any flavor that you want and the decorating is much easier than it looks. You can use jelly beans, mini Cadbury eggs or robin’s eggs with marshmallow Peeps and green coconut to decorate the top and then create the basket weave in the icing on the sides. Top it off with a handle made from cardboard or you could use Twizzlers if you want the entire cake to be edible.
Recipe – Parents Easter Basket Cake - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Rice Krispies Easter Baskets

You can mold Rice Krispies treats into just about anything. These adorable little Easter baskets are easy to make and are completely edible. They are perfect for Easter parties. Just mold the treats into the basket forms and then choose what you want to fill them with. Green coconut is a great filler and you can add small candy eggs or even a marshmallow Peep to the basket if you want. The handles are made from Twizzlers.
Recipe – Onceamonthmeals Rice Krispies Easter Baskets - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Marshmallow Peeps Sunflower Cake

Yellow marshmallow Peeps help to create the look for this delicious and beautiful sunflower cake. Nothing quite says spring like a beautiful sunflower and this yummy cake is sure to be the hit of your Easter celebrations. You can use whatever cake flavor you like – although the recipe calls for yellow. The icing is chocolate and you simply have to pipe in the center of the flower and surround it with Peeps for a beautiful sunflower.
Recipe – Tasteofhome Marshmallow Peeps Sunflower Cake - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Easter Bark

This recipe calls for SweetTart brand jelly beans but you could use pastel colored M&Ms if you wanted something a bit sweeter. Easter bark is much like peppermint bark that you make for Christmas. You simply melt your white chocolate and then mix in whatever you want to make it colorful and yummy. This is a great candy recipe that will take you less than 5 minutes to make and allows you to be very creative. You could also use regular chocolate if you wanted.
Recipe – Verybestbaking Easter Bark - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls

These adorable cinnabunnies are just as delicious as they are cute. You use canned cinnamon rolls along with almonds, raisins or other embellishments to create the adorable bunny look. These are great for Easter breakfast or if you are planning a brunch, you simply have to make these. They are very easy to make, since the cinnamon rolls are basically made for you already, or you could make them with homemade rolls if you wanted.
Recipe – Bettycrocker Easter Bunny Cinnamon Rolls - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Pastel Rainbow Ruffle Cake

This is an absolutely gorgeous cake. It’s so beautiful in fact that you may simply not want to destroy it by cutting it. Wait, it’s also delicious so you will have to cut it. The pastel colors are perfect for Easter and the ruffles are much easier to make than you may think. If you are planning to bake a cake for Easter dinner, this is certainly one to consider. The inside of the cake is just as colorful as the outside so it’s a surprise from start to finish.
Recipe – Bubbleandsweet Pastel Rainbow Ruffle Cake - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

Easter Egg Cake Pops

If you have a cake pop pan, this is a great project for Easter dinner. You can create these little egg pops and then display them in an adorable little garden box, complete with grass. Just decorate your egg pops however you want with sprinkles, icing or anything else you can think of. You can dip in either white or plain chocolate or do a combination of both to make them really colorful.
Recipe – Modernfoodie Easter Egg Cake Pops - 100 Easy and Delicious Easter Treats and Desserts

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