Homemade Wasp Repellent That is Safe and Effective

Homemade Wasp Repellent That is Safe and Effective

With spring comes many wonderful things – sunlight, flowers, vegetable gardens. Unfortunately, spring also brings out wasps and even if you aren’t deathly allergic to those little stingers, they can be very painful.

Chemical sprays for killing wasps and other flying insects contain very harmful ingredients that can be very dangerous to have around pets and children. While you certainly don’t want your little ones getting stung, you also don’t want them around chemicals that could harm them. Enter this tutorial for making your own wasp repellent.

Using all natural ingredients, you can easily make this solution that ends your wasp problem. The video shows you how to make traps to attract the wasps so that you can keep them from flying about. This is a great DIY for spring and something that we’re sure all of you will want to try. Keep those wasps at bay and enjoy your warm weather without worries of stings.


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